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 Bandathon helps NWSS music students

So what exactly is a "Fan of the Band-a-thon"?

This is an exciting year for the New Westminster Secondary School band program. We're kicking off the 2016 school year with our third annual Bandathon fundraising event. And if you are here you've have the opportunity to participate in its success. Whether you are a NWSS student, a family member or friend, this site is a gateway to a great opportunity, that of supporting the musical education of students now and for years to come. But all that said, you need to know what a Fan of the Bandathon really is and the best way to describe it is...

It's 12 hours of non-stop musical madness!

In November 2016 all the students in the band program will have the opportunity to participate in a 12 hour marathon of music we've decided to call a Bandathon!

During this 12 hour period—from 9am to 9pm—every student will have an opportunity to play for at least 3 hours as the band plays on. We expect the band to grow, shrink, and change from song to song as musicians swap in and out during a 12 hour long mega-rehersal. It's going to be a day of classics and contemporary, jazz and pop as we play, rehearse, improvise and have a great time doing what musicians love... Make music.

And it's not just a marathon of music, it's an opportunity for the students to raise some much needed funding for both themselves and the band program. So the NWSS Music Department is dedicating this day to just that effort, and encouraging all the band students to participate by raising pledges for their involvement.

Now because you are here and reading this, it's a fair assumption to make that you have been contacted by a fundraiser or by someone a fundraiser knows, whether it was in person or through social media like Facebook or Twitter. And since you now know what a bandathon is, why we're doing it and what how you can support it, it's probably fair to suppose the next question may just be...

What is a "good amount" to pledge?

We haven't included a pledge calculator on the site, so we don't have a specific recommendation for a pledge amount, but we can offer some insight into how to determine a pledge total. Most "Thon" type fundraisers are based on amounts, whether it be distance, quantity, or time. In this case we are encouraging all students participating on the day of the fundraiser to commit to a minimum of three hours as an active member of the band. So if you consider your amount to pledge in terms of minutes played, a student playing for three hours at, for example, 10 cents per minute would earn a final tally of $18 for their efforts. We've added some examples below, but ultimately we thank you for participating at any level, and please only pledge what you can afford.

Some pledge examples

  • 0.10/minute x 3 hours (est.) = $18
  • 0.25/minute x 3 hours (est.) = $45
  • or, pledge a flat fee such as $5, $10, $20 or whatever amount you fancy...

Remember that every pledge goes to help both the Fundraiser and the Music Department.

So what now?

If you are wondering what to do, simply find a student to support in the Fundraiser Pledge Directory. All participating students will have an online pledge page which you will be able to find by looking through the directory on the Find a Fundraiser page. The listings are alphabetical by first name so if you are looking for a fundraiser named Tito Puente you would click on the T link below to see all the names that begin with that letter. If you want to know a bit more about the fundraiser, its goals, and who will benefit, the links at the top of the page will hit the high notes.