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Fundraiser Bio: Hi, My name is Anna and I'm in grade 10. I play multiple instruments including the Alto Saxophone, Clarinet and the piano. I play in 5 bands at school including grade 9/10 Concert band, Grade 10 Concert band, Grade 10 jazz band, grade 11 jazz band and a saxophone septet Saximus Maximus. This year I will be traveling across Canada to Ottawa, Ontario for our senior band trip, for an exchange program, where we will be going to museums, landmarks, music festivals and also experiencing another culture. We will also be going to Sun Peaks, British Columbia for our junior band trip for a music festival. If you're interested in supporting not only myself but also the New Westminster band program, your donation will be taken with much appreciation and put towards paying for band trips as for then we can experience new places, people and most importantly different styles of music.

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