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Fundraiser Bio: Hi! My name is Ben and I am in grade 10 at New Westminster Secondary School. Some of my hobbies include being on the technical side of theatre, hockey, long weekend naps, and of course, music! Currently I play the trumpet in two different bands at NWSS. I am in the grade 10 concert band and also the grade 10 jazz band. I enjoy both these bands very much- not just because of the music, but the awesome people, too! This year, we are headed off to Sun Peaks, BC in May. In order to pay for this trip, I need help fundraising. YOU can help by donating to me right here on this website! Part of your donation will go to the music department to help purchase instruments, sheet music, and much more. The other will go into my fundraising account and help me with the cost of this year's band trip! I hope after reading this, you will consider donating. The music department and I would be very grateful! If you know me personally and feel more comfortable donating in person, please contact me. Remember: anything helps! Thank you so much! -Ben Paul

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