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Fundraiser Bio: Hello, I'm Adrian. I'm a grade 10 musician playing music at the New West Secondary School. I play 5 instruments, the clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, and a bit of drums. Only a bit of drums though, I don't think I'm good enough to classify myself as a percussionist, but some people do. I play 3 of these instruments in 4 different bands. I play the bass clarinet in concert band, the alto saxophone in the Grade 9 Jazz band, and the Baritone saxophone in the Grade 10 Jazz band. I also play Bari sax in the combo called "The Uncertain." My favorite genres of music are Jazz(mainly swing), Rock, a bit of classical, and funk. I'll be fundraising for an event called the "Bandathon." Basically, we're gonna gather up a bunch of musicians around our school and have a rehearsal session for 12 hours straight. Yep. 12 hours, exciting. The funds will go towards the NWSS music department, which will assist in bringing fellow classmates to national and international trips and performances, to supply the repair and replacements of new and old instruments, and to buy more instruments. Interested in supporting us? Look no further, we take pledges! The music department will take various amounts of pledges, big or small, at any time. Donations that are sent to this page will go towards my current and future performances, and the music department. Thank you very much for taking a look at my bio and considering a donation. Spread the word! Just even a single spark of support can bring us to huge success.

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